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Software Industry Unites in Celebration for 1998 Codie Awards
Software Publishers Association's 13th Annual
Excellence in Software Awards Honor Best of 1997

(March 23, 1998 -- San Jose, Calif.) - The software industry held its own black tie gala this evening in San Jose, Calif., to celebrate the best and brightest in its field. The Software Publishers AssociationÝs (SPA) 1998 Excellence in Software Awards, the 13th Annual Codie Awards, tonight honored the achievements of software publishers for outstanding creativity and innovation in 1997. The Codie Awards encompass software for any type of computer user - at home, work, school or on the Internet ˝ including business, educational, entertainment, consumer, enterprise and online applications. A total of 39 Codie Awards were presented, highlighted by industrywide awards for Best New Software Program of the Year (Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft Corp.), Best Debut of the Year (Trellix 1.0, Trellix Corp.) and Best World Wide Web Site (Discovery Channel Online, Discovery Channel Multimedia).

A complete list of the 1998 Codie Award winners and finalists is shown below

"Winning a Codie Award is a coveted honor for any software company," said Ken Wasch, SPA president. "It signifies recognition of innovation and quality unsurpassed in the marketplace from hundreds of peers throughout the software industry, the most critical audience of all. The 1998 Codie Award recipients represent a broad range of companies from start-ups to industry powerhouses. When considering a new software purchase, consumers should look to Codie Award winners for the latest in cutting-edge technology and the best overall products available today."

Companies receiving multiple Codie Awards were Microsoft Corp. and FileMaker Inc. with four awards each, Brøderbund Software with three and Blizzard Entertainment, Discovery Channel Multimedia, Disney Interactive and Red Orb Entertainment with two awards each. The Codie Award for Lifetime Achievement was presented to Daniel S. Bricklin, founder and chief technology officer for Trellix Corp. Bricklin is credited with conceiving the first PC electronic spreadsheet in 1978, helping to establish the PC as a serious tool for business. Since then, Bricklin has developed a wide range of PC applications including his latest, Trellix 1.0, that enables users to create and navigate through business documents more effectively. Trellix 1.0 received the 1998 Codie Award for Best Debut of the Year.

SPA is the principal trade association of the software industry, representing the leading publishers as well as start-up firms in the business, home office, consumer, entertainment and education markets. SPA supports companies that develop and publish software applications and tools for use on the desktop, client-server networks and the Internet. SPA's 1,200 member companies account for 85 percent of U.S. revenue for packaged and online software. Additional information on SPA and its activities on behalf of the software industry can be found at

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1998 SPA Codie Award Winners

1998 Excellence in Software Awards Winners and Finalists


SPA announced the 1998 Excellence in Software Awards winners on Monday,March 23, during the 1998 Spring Symposium in San Jose, Calif. SPA's annualExcellence in Software Awards, known as the Codie Awards, are prestigiouspeer-recognition awards granted for excellence in today's software industrymarketplace. SPA congratulates the recipients of the 39 Codie Awards andthanks the judges and participants who made the 1998 competition such asuccess.


Winner: Daniel S. Bricklin, founder andchief technology officer, Trellix


Best Business Software Program

FileMaker Pro 4.0, FileMaker

Microsoft Excel 97, Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft FrontPage 98, Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Word 97, Microsoft Corp.

StreetFinder Deluxe 1998 Edition, Rand McNally

Visio Standard 5.0, Visio Corp.

Winner: FileMaker Pro 4.0,FileMaker

Best New Business Software Program

Door-to-Door Co-Pilot, TravRoute Software

ipublish, Design Intelligence

Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft Corp.

Peachtree Complete Accounting Plus Time & Billing, PeachtreeSoftware

QuickMail Office, CE Software Inc.

Winner: Microsoft Office 97, MicrosoftCorp.

Best Niche Market Software Program

MapInfo MapXsite, MapInfo Corp.

Plan Write: Expert Edition, Business Resource Software Inc.

Systran Classic, Systran

TurboTax for Business, Intuit Inc.

Visio Maps, Visio Corp.

Winner: TurboTax for Business,Intuit

Numeric or Data Business Software Program

FileMaker Pro 4.0, FileMaker

IQ/Objects Version 6.0, IQ Software Corp.

Mathcad 7 Professional, MathSoft Inc.

Microsoft Access 97, Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Excel 97, Microsoft Corp.

Winner: FileMaker Pro 4.0, FileMaker

Best Programming Tool

Drive Image Professional 1.0, PowerQuest Corp.

Emblaze Creator, Geo Publishing Inc.

Learn Sesame, Open Sesame

Netscape Publishing Suite, Netscape Communications

T.A.G., Digital Renaissance

Winner: Netscape Publishing Suite,Netscape Communications

Best Text or Graphics Business Software Program

Adobe Illustrator 7.0, Adobe Systems Inc.

Microsoft FrontPage 98, Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Word 97, Microsoft Corp.

Trellix, Trellix Corp.

Visio Standard 5.0, Visio Corp.

Winner: Adobe Illustrator 7.0, AdobeSystems Inc.


New Consumer Software

Disney's MathQuest with Aladdin, Disney Interactive

Guard Dog Deluxe, CyberMedia

Let's Go Read! An Island Adventure, Edmark Corp.

Microsoft Money 98 Financial Suite, Microsoft Corp.

Riven: The Sequel to Myst, Red Orb Entertainment

Winner: Riven: The Sequel to Myst, RedOrb Entertainment

Best Consumer Software Upgrade

CleanSweep Deluxe, Quarterdeck Corp.

Encarta Encyclopedia 98 Deluxe Edition, Microsoft Corp.

PrintMaster Gold Deluxe 4.0, Mindscape

Road Trips Door-to-Door 1998, TravRoute Software

TripMaker Deluxe 1998 Edition, Rand McNally

Winner: Encarta Encyclopedia 98 Deluxe,Microsoft

Best Home Creativity Software Program

Awesome Animated Monster Maker: Ultra Edition, Houghton MifflinInteractive

Disney's Magic Artist, Disney Interactive

Orly's Draw-A-Story, Brøderbund Software

Print Artist Platnum, Sierra On-Line

PrintPaks Super Jewelry Kit, PrintPaks Inc.

Winner: Disney's Magic Artist, DisneyInteractive

Best Home Productivity Software Program

eShare Reunion Personal Chat and BBS, EShare Technologies

Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition III, Brøderbund Software/BannerBlue Division

Microsoft Money 98 Financial Suite, Microsoft Corp.

Picture This Home! Bath, Autodesk

Picture This Home! Kitchen, Autodesk

Winner: Family Tree Maker DeluxeEdition III, Brøderbund Software/Banner BlueDivision


Best Home Education for Children

Disney's Animated StoryBook, 101 Dalmations, Disney Interactive

Disney's Ready To Read With Pooh, Disney Interactive

Fisher-Price Ready for School - Toddler, Davidson & Associates Inc.

Jumpstart Spanish, Knowledge Adventure

Let's Go Read! An Island Adventure, Edmark Corp.

Winner: Disney's Ready to Read WithPooh, Disney Interactive

Best Home Education for Pre-Teens

Carmen Sandiego Word Detective, Brøderbund Software

GeoBee Challenge, National Geographic Interactive/Mindscape

Jumpstart Typing, Knowledge Adventure

Make-A-Map 3D, Panasonic Interactive Media

Math for the Real World, Davidson & Associates Inc.

Winner: Carmen Sandiego Word Detective,Brøderbund Software

Best Home Education for Teenagers and Adults

Higher Score on the SAT and ACT, Kaplan Educational Centers

Math Blaster: Algebra, Davidson & Associates Inc.

New Millennium World Atlas Deluxe, Rand McNally

Spanish Self-Study, Syracuse Language Systems Inc.

TypeQuick for Students, TypeQuick P/L

Winner: Rand McNally New MillenniumWorld Atlas Deluxe, Rand McNally New Media

Best Reference Product

Burpee 3D Garden Designer & Encyclopedia, MacMillan Publishing USA

New Millennium World Atlas Deluxe, Rand McNally

Ocean: The Origins of Life, Systems Education Centre (1983) Pte Ltd

Personal Law Library, Sofsource Inc.

The Complete National Geographic, National GeographicInteractive/Mindscape

Winner: The Complete NationalGeographic, National Geographic


Best Enterprise Client-Server Application

BackWeb 3.0, BackWeb Technologies

Intelligent Consensus 3.1, TEAMS, Inc.

Microsoft Project 98, Microsoft Corp.

ONYX Customer Center 3.5, ONYX Software

PVCS Tracker, Intersolv Inc.

Shaman Update Server, Shaman Corp.

Winner: ONYX Customer Center 3.5, ONYXSoftware

Best Enterprise Management Tool

FlowCharter 7C, Micrografx, Inc.

Optima! F, Micrografx, Inc.

QIP, Quadritek Systems, Inc.

Sequel Net Access Manager 2.0, Sequel Technology Corp.

WebTrends, WebTrends Corp.

Winner: Optima! F,Micrografx

Best Groupware Product

ArchiCAD for Teamwork, Graphisoft R & D Software Development

eRoom, Instinctive Technology Inc.

FileMaker Pro 4.0, Claris Corp.

FlowCharter 7C, Micrografx, Inc.

Optima! F, Micrografx, Inc.

Winner: ArchiCAD for Teamwork,Graphisoft R & D Software Development

Best Network Security Product

CyberGuard Firewall Release 4, CyberGuard Corp.

Internet Scanner 5.0, Internet Security Systems

OmniGuard/Enterprise Access Control for Windows 95, AxentTechnologies, Inc

Sony FIU - Fingerprint Identification Unit, I/O Software

VeriSign OnSite, VeriSign, Inc.

Winner: CyberGuard Firewall Release 4,CyberGuard

Best Middleware Product

ColdFusion 3.0, Allaire Corp.

DataDirect WebDBLink, Intersolv Inc.

Object Bridge for Com/Corba, Visual Edge Software Ltd

Oterro, Microrim, Inc.

T.A.G., Digital Renaissance

Winner: ColdFusion 3.0, AllaireCorp.


Best Adventure/Role-Playing Software Game

Byzantine: The Betrayal, Discovery Communications Inc.

Dark Earth, MicroProse

Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment

Nightmare Ned, Disney Interactive

Obsidian, SegaSoft

Winner: Diablo, BlizzardEntertainment

Best Arcade/Action Software Game

Disney's Hercules Action Game, Disney Interactive

Flight Unlimited II, Looking Glass Technologies

Machine Hunter, MGM Home Entertainment

Star Trek Starfleet Academy, Interplay Productions

Claw, Monolith Productions Inc.

Winner: Star Trek Starfleet Academy,Interplay Productions

Best Sports Software Game

Front Page Sports: Golf, Sierra On-Line

Links LS 1998 Edition, Access Software

NASCAR 2, Sierra On-Line

NHL Powerplay 98, Virgin Interactive Entertainment

XCAR: Experimental Racing, Bethesda Softworks

Winner: Links LS 1998 Edition, AccessSoftware

Best Strategy Software Game

Age of Empires, Microsoft Corp.

Command & Conquer Red Alert, Westwood Studios

Dungeon Keeper, Electronic Arts/Bullfrog

Master of Orion II Battle At Antares, MicroProse

Warlords III: Reign of Heroes, Red Orb Entertainment

Winner: Command & Conquer Red Alert,Westwood Studios


Best Debut of the Year

eRoom, Instinctive Technology Inc.

Interactive Atlas of Clinical Anatomy, Novartis Medical Education

Learning to Read on the Promenade - Kindergarten, Apt Productions Inc.

Media Conveyor, Digital Evolution

Trellix, Trellix Corp.

Winner: Trellix 1.0,Trellix

Best New Software Program of the Year

Creatures, Mindscape

Disney's Magic Artist, Disney Interactive

Mac OS 8, Apple Computer

Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft Corp.

Picture This Home! Bath, Autodesk

Winner: Microsoft Office 97,Microsoft


Best Overall Multimedia Production

BladeRunner, Westwood Studios

Byzantine: The Betrayal, Discovery Communications Inc.

Links LS 1998 Edition, Access Software

Riven: The Sequel to Myst, Red Orb Entertainment

Star Trek Starfleet Academy, Interplay Productions

Winner: Riven: The Sequel to Myst, RedOrb Entertainment

Best Use of Visual Arts in Multimedia

Byzantine: The Betrayal, StormFront Studios

Links LS 1998 Edition, Access Software

Monopoly Star Wars, Hasbro Interactive Inc.

Nightmare Ned, Disney Interactive

The Last Express, Red Orb Entertainment

Winner: Monopoly Star Wars, HasbroInteractive


Best Debut of a World Wide Web Site, Berkeley Systems Inc.

OnHealth, IVI Publishing Inc.

Purple Moon (, Purple Moon, ABC News Internet Ventures, Macmillan Digital Publishing

Winner: Purple Moon(, Purple Moon

Best Internet Commerce World Wide Web Site, Audible Inc., iPrint Inc.

Microsoft Expedia Travel Services 2.0, Microsoft Corp., BITSource Inc., Brøderbund Software/Banner Blue Division

Winner: Microsoft Expedia TravelServices 2.0 (, Microsoft Corp.

Best Internet/Online Service

Educast, Davidson & Associates Inc.

Guard Dog Deluxe, CyberMedia

The PointCast Business Network, PointCast Inc., Quarterdeck Corp.

ImageX Online Printing Center, Imagex Inc.

The Microsoft Network - MSN, Microsoft Corp.

Winner: PointCast Business Network,PointCast

Best Multi-Player Online Game

Aliens Online, GameStorm

Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment, Berkeley Systems Inc.

Microsoft Fighter Ace, Microsoft Corp.

Strike A Match, Boxer Jam Productions, LLC

Winner: Diablo, BlizzardEntertainment

Best World Wide Web Applet/Plug-In

ChatPlanet, EarthWeb Inc.

ESPN Game Cast, ESPN Internet Ventures

Live Picture Viewer - Java Version, Live Picture Corp.

Media Conveyor, Digital Evolution

RealPlayer Plus, Progressive Networks Inc.

Winner: RealPlayer Plus,RealNetworks

Best World Wide Web Site, EarthWeb Inc.

ESPN SportsZone, ESPN Internet Ventures, Discovery Communications Inc., Microsoft Corp.

Purple Moon (, Purple Moon

Winner: (, DiscoveryChannel Online


Best Curriculum Software for Early Education

ClarisWorks for Kids, FileMaker

Curious Creatures, Curriculum Associates

Paint, Write & Play!, The Learning Company

Schoolhouse Rock: Math Rock, Creative Wonders

The Glowbird Collection, Little Planet Publishing

Winner: ClarisWorks for Kids,FileMaker

Best Curriculum Software for Middle School

A Field Trip to the Rainforest Deluxe, Sunburst Communications

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, Brøderbund Software

Decisions, Decisions: Ancient Empires, Tom Snyder Productions

PrimeTime Math: Fire!, Tom Snyder Productions

Wide World of Mathematics: Algebra, Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley

Winner: Where in Time is CarmenSandiego?, Brøderbund Software

Best Curriculum Software for Secondary/Post-Secondary Schools

GeoHistory Maps, GeoHistory Inc.

Modellus, Knowledge Revolution

Ocean Expeditions: El Nino, Tom Snyder Productions

SciRen Biology, Hayden-McNeil Publishing& Multimedia

The Trigonometry Explorer, Cognitive Technologies Corp.

Winner: Ocean Expeditions: El Nino, TomSnyder Productions

Best Education Online Product

AskAsia:, The Asia Society, Discovery Communications Inc., Infonautics Corp.

Topic Search, EBSCO Publishing

What On Earth, Ingenius

Winner: Discovery Channel School(, Discovery Channel Multimedia

Best Education Software Program

ClarisWorks for Kids, Claris Corp.

eProbe, Knowledge Revolution

PrimeTime Math: Fire!, Tom Snyder Productions

Science Court: Water Cycle, Tom Snyder Productions

Ultimate Writing & Creativity Center, The Learning Company

Winner: ClarisWorks for Kids, ClarisCorp.

Best Education Software Upgrade

Britannica Online 98:, Encyclopedia Britannica

Decisions, Decisions: The Environment, Tom Snyder Productions

Millie & Bailey Kindergarten, Edmark Corp.

Storybook Weaver Deluxe, The Learning Company

The Factory Deluxe, Sunburst Communications

Winner: Britannica Online 98(, Encyclopaedia Britannica


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