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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is SuperKids?
  2. How are reviews written?
  3. Who reads SuperKids?
  4. Why should I advertise in SuperKids?
  5. What will my advertising look like?
  6. What kind of advertising success can I expect?
  7. Where can I find more information?

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What is SuperKids?

SuperKids Software Review provides:

SuperKids is designed for people who want the best for their children in educational software.

How are reviews written?

SuperKidsí reviews are written by teams consisting of parents, teachers and kids, following a prescribed testing protocol. (To see samples of the evaluation forms used, click on parents, teachers or kids.) Their evaluations are conducted not in the unrealistic conditions of a laboratory, but in homes and schools just like yours. Our goal is to simulate as closely as possible the actual environment in which these software products are used, to avoid creating test-induced biases.

Who reads SuperKids?

SuperKids attracts a gender-balanced (55% female), 30-50 year old, affluent parent/teacher audience from a wide variety of occupations. Almost all are married, most are reasonably computer savvy, and access the SuperKids both from home and the office.

Why Should I Advertise in SuperKids?

SuperKids' sponsors share a common belief in the importance of education to our children's future. SuperKids' unique editorial focus and perspective offers sponsors the opportunity to support this philanthropic goal, while simultaneously:

What Will My Advertising Look Like?

Advertisements in SuperKids take two primary forms:

SuperKids also offers sponsorships for our monthly, opt-in, e-mail newsletter. Please or contact us. if you'd like to learn more about this unique option.

You can change your creative as often as you like. We can accept your advertising up to 72 hours in advance of the start of your placement program.

What Kind of Advertising Success Can I Expect?

Advertising success depends on:

Many of SuperKids' sponsors have achieved significant success, as demonstrated by their longterm presence on our site.

We track the performance of all advertising on the site, using Webtrax. Real-time click-through reports are available on special pages for each advertiser.

Where can I find more information about SuperKids?

First, check out the site itself. offers a continuously changing experience, beginning with the home page! If you still have questions after exploring the site, please or contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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