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SuperKids Brain Food

Be Whacky. (c)Roger von Oech.One day a new product design team got into a really whacky mood and made fun of their product. They were zany and off-the-wall. The meeting was a great success, and many new ideas were generated. The next week, everybody was in a serious mood and no new ideas were generated. Moral: there's a close relationship between the "aha" of discovery and the "ha-ha" of humor, and being whacky stimulates your creative juices. As the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu put it, "As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it." What crazy, zany things can you do with respect to your issue? What would that do? What can you take less seriously? What crazy, zany things would a disk jockey do to your problem? A choir director? A trash collector? A mystic? A barber? A butcher? A rocket scientist? A brain surgeon? A nerd? A bounty hunter? A stuntman? A ventroloquist? A mime? An astronomer? A long distance runner? A pirate? A travel agent? A soldier? A witch? A used car salesman? A doctor? A gardener? A jazz drummer? A Buddhist monk? A nurse? A bartender? A shepherd? A policeman? A prostitute? A priest? A spy? A gourmet chef? A politician? A fisherman? A magician? A cheerleader? A coach? A professional gambler? A circus acrobat? A truck driver? A astronaut? A poet? A mother? A violinist? A philosopher? A nun? A taxi driver? A jailer? A prisoner? A choreographer? A cartoonist? A diplomat? A science fiction writer? A hermit? A union organizer? A lawyer? A garbage collector? A toll taker? A investigative reporter? An executioner?

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Creative Whack images and text used with the permission of CreativeThink. Copyright © Roger von Oech. All rights reserved.

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