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Monday, June 17

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Software can help children learn, and provide hours of active entertainment. But there are times when a group wants to particpate in an indoor activity together, and a movie is the perfect answer. Good movies can do more than simply entertain; they can provoke discussions, plant new ideas, and provide a window into other cultures and experiences.

With this in mind, we polled our parent, teacher and kid reviewers, and editorial staff members and advisors, and came up with lists of their favorite movies for animated features, and teens and the holidays

Award Winners

The American Film Institute's Top 10 Movies
    The top ten films from the American Film Institute's list of America's 100 Greatest Movies, selected by AFI's blue-ribbon panel of more than 1,500 leaders of the American movie community.

AFI's Top 100 Movies
    The rest of the list!

AFI's 100 Funniest Movies

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