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SuperKids Software Review - The Parent's and Teacher's Guide to Childrens' Software
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About SuperKids

SuperKids has provided educational materials since 1996 for parents and teachers who want the best in education for their children. SuperKids provides: The number one reason parents give for purchasing a home computer is "education." Yet after one year of ownership, education doesn't make the top three uses reported by those same parents! Why not? Because they find it difficult to identify good educational software -- software that they find educationally valuable and that their children enjoy using. SuperKids was created to address that need.
SuperKids is published by a privately held company, Knowledge Share LLC. It is a completely independent publication - we accept no advertising for the products we review. This is your guarantee of impartiality in our reviews!
SuperKids reviews and rates educational software based on a carefully developed set of criteria. Our reviews are written by teams that include educators, parents, and children from across the United States. Our staff includes experts from Stanford, Harvard and Northwestern universities.

SuperKids also presents timely investigative reports and interviews with intriguing figures. Feature stories have ranged from research on the nationwide decline of test scores on reading exams, to the impact of class sizes. Interviews target prominent figures with something to say on topics in education and technology, like the Secretary of Education, and the father of the mouse.

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Although SuperKids makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of its reviews and reports, typographical and other human errors can occur. We therefore urge you to always double check the compatibility of any software you are contemplating purchasing, with the machine you intend to run it on. As always, caveat emptor (buyer beware) is a good practice!

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